About EmojiStuff.com

We got our start in 2013 by creating the Emoji Input extension for Google Chrome, which is, and always has been 100% free. After the popularity of our emoji plugin skyrocketed, and we had about 30,000 users, many friends started suggesting we charge money for it. However, we instead chose to create EmojiStuff, and let our users have a great place to buy fine emoji products instead!

Our store and brand continues to grow as we pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and satisfaction. We stock only high-quality merchandise and we ship every day Monday through Saturday (we would ship Sunday if the post office was open!). We offer competitive pricing, if you find prices lower than ours, something is wrong! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, which steal photos of our high quality emoji pillows and use them on Amazon, eBay, etc. We also sell our products there, but unless you see that it's sold by EmojiStuff, it's not the same!

We have recently branched out into the "real world," see our booth at the awesome Queens International Night Market recently:

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