Emoji Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the same emoji pillows I see in Walmart, the mall, Duane Reade, and on eBay, Amazon, etc?

NO! The emoji pillows we sell with our brand name on them are of a much higher quality than the ones we have seen out there. They are softer, have a better fill, better stitching, etc. You will be proud to have this in your home for a long time, or give it as a gift to your friends, loved ones, or special someone!

How long does shipping take?

In the US, it will take 1 to 7 days before your pillows are delivered. Outside of the US, it will take 1 to 2 weeks.

How much do emoji pillows cost?

We sell our pillows for $7.99 USD.  Our prices are the lowest, especially for the high level of quality you are getting with EmojiStuff.com!

What is the poop emoji?

The poop emoji is poop!  It might look like chocolate soft-serve ice cream, but there's already a separate ice cream emoji. 

How many emoji are there?

As of July 2017 there are 1144 emoji characters!  That's a lot!  New emoji are added a few times a year, roughly.

If I send someone an emoji from iPhone (or any other device) and they have Android (or any other operating system), what will they see?

Great question.  Many people THINK that the emoji they send is exactly what the recipient will see on their phone.  But that isn't exactly the case.  Think of emojis like letters, a, A, b, c, C, etc.  If you send someone a text with the letter A, they will see it in whatever font they have set on their device.  Emojis are the same way.  The "Laughing with Tears" emoji is like a letter, and different companies/devices have their own font.  Sometimes, a program or device will have no font at all, or a font that doesn't have a picture for that emoji (especially if it's new), and the recipient will just see a square.    This happens most often when an iPhone user updates their phone to get new emoji and sends it to someone who has either an iPhone that hasn't gotten that update yet, or an Android phone, or a web browser.  Get Emoji for Google Chrome to fix this.